Bible game show trivia

The Bible Trivia Quiz ShowBibleTriviaQiuzShow

A professionally presented trivia challenge game show regarding the sacred Scriptures of the Holy Bible, this quiz show is fun, entertaining, educational, and great for Christian fellowship. Contestants stand behind podiums similar to those on TV shows like Jeopardy while the Bible questions appear on a projection screen for players and the audience to see. When a contestant thinks he or she knows the answer, that contestant pushes a button that activates his/her microphone to announce the answer. Scores are automatically tabulated and electronically displayed.

The questions or challenges are based on the Bible, including names, places, events, scripture readings, and scripture locations. This is an excellent way for all to come together in unity and to encourage the reading and studying of God’s Word. Contact this ministry at for more information and how you can bring the Bible Trivia Game Show to your church or organization.